Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Betty Blue-Eyes, as she is sometimes called by Archie when he is feeling particularly fond of her, is BLONDE. And we are talking REALY REALLY blonde, like a-bottle-of-bleach-is-poured-over-her-head-every-Christmas-blonde.
Which is what Veronica has been saying. Rich Ronnie, always going on and on story after story about how Betty is not smart enough how Betty uses bleach on her hair how Betty can never have Archie all to herself (sad, but true).

THIS IS ADAM (left)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Betty does not have too much fun when Ron says these things, but he could have fun if she FINALLY started dating Adam as her steady. Adam...who is as in love with her as is possible, and should be beating Archie right out of Betty's heart. But no. Of course Betty is hung-up on Archie. Always hung-up on the redhead who treats her like...well, we won't go that far will we? I mean, Archie Comics are strictly PG-rated, it seems.
And besides Adam, there are plenty of other fish in the sea (and I am not referring to the notorious Reggie).

And so, dear readers, this natural-blonde beauty could have all the fun she wants, without being ditzy of course, if only she gave up that wimp, Archie.

P.S. This is relationship-smart Betty (because we all know she is brilliant academically)