Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meeting the Gang

I am an avid reader of Archie Comics, and have been one from a young age. It took a few digests to become familiar with the gang, and then i was hooked.
I have to say though, after my extensive readings, I have begun to notice many things. Things other than the obvious: as in the Betty problem.
Betty, or Elizabeth Cooper, is your average girl-next-door. She is good at...just about everything. Everything---except keeping Archie.
After countless stories of Archie leaving her, (after having her fix his car, feed him, or do his homework) for Veronica. This is why the background depicts Archie looking at Veronica, and not at Betty, who unfortunately is not visible. But I'll include the full picture below for your viewing benefit:

Get with it Betty! Archie is going to treat you like this forever... seriously. No really, they don't age.
Betty should date Adam. Adam appreciates her and doesn't go running off to be with the rich girl.
Of course, there are stories where Betty deserts Archie, but in the end she is always back in his arms after he apologizes for his faults.

That was just a sample, folks.

Throughout this blog I will post about trends I notice in the comic, interesting characters, and .....Anything Archie. Because after-all, the comic is All Archie.

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