Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sweetie-Pie and the Vixen

Elizabeth Cooper, better known as Betty, is the classic, blonde girl-next-door. She is OBSESSED with Archie Andrews.

The problem is her best friend Veronica Lodge, also known as Ronnie, or Ron. Although, it has been brought up in the comic over many issues that Veronica's attachment to Archie possibly stems from the fact that she just has fun taking him away from Betty with such cool ease.

Veronica is rich and beautiful. She is also entitled and spoiled. She can also be mean. She can be mean when she is with Reggie Mantle, who is a tricky little schemer, or when Betty has Archie all to herself...which is rare.

She can be nice, though. She is also always in a very good mood when shopping at the mall, which she usually does everyday sometimes with Betty.

A bad mood though, for Veronica, can come easily through fashion as well. For instance, if she and Betty happen to be wearing the same outfit at school...things could get ugly.. (i.e. Veronica has ripped or spilled paint on Betty's clothes before, or just forced her to change)

Still, Betty and Veronica remain close friends through the thick and thin...exceeeeeept when Archie is involved :)

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